Thursday, 20 October 2011

Well Hello There!

Hello everyone!

As the title of this blog alludes to this is all about Pre Heresy Iron Hands.

Basically I'm aiming to attend the Tempus Fugitives Pre Heresy event at the beginning of march and so i'm going to desperately attempt to build and paint 2000 points of Pre Heresy Hands in that time. 2000 points I hear you cry! in 5 months. Well at least that's what i cried to my head. The rules i'll be using are the Tempus Fugitives Pre Heresy expansion rules and thus 2000 points will probably look like 1500 or so, by the time we chuck special characters and maybe even a primarch into the mix. Added to that i am looking to make a characterful and flavoursome list, which may not be the most competitive or efficient. That does mean a big 500 point unit of th/ss terminators....

Those of you newer to the hobby may ask: "What does a pre heresy army mean?". Well, from a modelling point of view it means that i will be trying to use older marks of armour. I'm going to be using mark 5 as much as possible as it's the easiest to model using standard power armour. I'm definitely going to try and do the shoulder pads, hopefully the legs and we'll see about the helmet. Chest i'm still thinking on as its the hardest part.

I'm afraid i don't have any pictures of my hands for you today but i hope to have a single tactical marine, in mark 5 but without bionics, done in the next couple of days, maybe even painted. I'm waiting on quite a few orders at the moment so i'm dependent on those before i can start other stuff.

However i know that many people will decide to follow a hobby blog (or not follow a blog) or plog as i'll more probably refer to this, based on the quality of the models being thrown out. And so while i can't show you and Iron hands, I can show you a picture of one of my better pieces that i painted recently, the Skaven screaming bell (I know, it's not even 40k), just to give you an idea of my standard.

And with that, i bid you farewell until i get my act together in a couple of days time.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Will be watching this with interest!


  2. Jamie? Is that you? Head to my blog to figure out who I am... ;P

  3. Hey Luis, had a look and thought i recognised your stuff, but still wasn't sure (even though i've se your blog before! :facepalm:) anyway knew the only way to be sure was to look at your hydras!

  4. lol!

    Okay, now I realise why you were asking me about my Iron Hands. Maybe chat with you on sunday, make sure you bring some of your new stuff for me to check out...