Friday, 21 October 2011

Test model update

Received my first package, some instantmold, or the Japanese equivalent. So I set about trying to make some remoulds of mark 5 pads. Results were... less than impressive. So I tried some of the new liquid green stuff from GW and as i hope you'll agree from the pictures below the results are good. The pictures themselves aren't great as the model won't stand up and I'm using top lighting so the camera shadow was a pain. My photography skills aren't great... Just trust me that it's looking good. Liquid GS may have got a bashing on the forums but I love it! Anyway this is a test model and will be unlikely to actually get used, I'm mainly going to use the iron hands boxed set, however it's been a good test of the armour conversion and hopefully I'll get it painted in the next couple of days. If' I'm lucky my first box of iron hands will arrive tomorrow and so I might make a start on Sunday or Monday.

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