Saturday, 22 October 2011

First Marine Update

Ah, I suppose i ought to start as i mean to go on, with more updates rather than less, on which note, if anyone feels that i ought to be updating more, i.e. i haven't updated for ages, or that i'm updating too much or have any comments, criticism or suggestions about this plog or the work contained within, i'm all ears.

Anyway, the update. I got the marine as shown yesterday painted. I decided to keep arms etc. off as i've changed my mind and i'm going to use him with parts from the Iron Hands kit when it arrives. Should hopefully now get it Monday... I should point out that the highlighting is subtle and so is difficult to see in the pictures. At some point i might do a comparison next to a primed mini so you can see the difference (hopefully not the lack thereof). Though i was really happy with the time it took me, i'm normally a slow painter, and it should only get quicker.

Just to say though, i'm not going to update usually every time i get half a marine painted, only doing it because this is the first model.

As always, thanks for reading,



  1. Since you're asking for blawg feedback, can I suggest fiddling around with your template design so that you're putting out black text onto a white background instead of vice versa? It's waaaaaay easier on the eyes to read black text over white, especially if you've got a fair bit to say.

    Love the Skaven bell that you painted up and I always enjoy a pre heresy army, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :-)

  2. I appreciate the comment but i actually find it easier to read white text on a black background! Though if it seems to be a common request i'll change it.